Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer crafts!

Ah, the beginning of summer. The hours stretch out before us. This is a great time to work on those Christmas gifts! And this is also a great time to get some more gift ideas while visiting relatives.

Any ideas for nursing home residents? My MIL is in a nursing home. She doesn't have much space but I'm sure there might be some nice gift ideas for her. I'm leaning toward making her a bedside organizer, especially something with a pocket for her glasses while she naps.

During the summer I'll be doing some bead crafts as I picked up lots of supplies while on vacation. I'm particularly concentrating on earrings because they are quick and easy to ship.

Keep up the gardening for making those kitchen crafts! I'm doing lots of nature hikes with DD and gathering supplies to make fairy doors and Christmas decorations.

Also keep up on those pictures! Think about taking a picture this summer to use for your Christmas cards.

I'm also going to clean out my fabric supply and make more draw string gift bags. This is the perfect time to be on the sewing machine.

DD finished her knit stocking cap for Dad. Now I have to work on making her a shrug and maybe some more arm warmers.

I haven't perfected my baby-cocoon sewing project yet but we have a new baby due in the family so I guess I should get on that.

Oh, and good news ... we have a Hobby Lobby opening soon! I'm so excited.

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  1. Hi,
    What is a baby cocoon and how do you make it. I am always on the look out as I am in the midst of grandchildren being born all over the place.