Friday, February 13, 2009


Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? It is almost mid-February and I haven't even updated on this subject yet. See! This is why we need to be posting or else I'm going to forget to work on these projects until too late!

Anyone want to brag about what they accomplished in January? Anyone want to post some pictures? Any ideas for February projects? Any long term projects you're doing? Remember to keep taking photos for those photo projects!

Reminder: Snap up leftover Valentine craft materials to use later for Christmas decorations. Red wrapping paper, of course, can be used in the month of December. But also remember that pink, purple and white are Advent colors (the season leading up to Christmas in some religions). If you see candles in those colors on clearance, definately snap up a few. And look for other pastels in the clearance section that can be used later at Easter (tissue paper, etc).

I don't now about your kids, but my DD is in mulitple activities that seem to provide a T-shirt (VBS, cheer clinics, gymnastics, sports, charity walks, etc). She has now expressed interest in having me make her a T-shirt quilt. Darn, I had just been turning her old T-shirts into rags. Now I guess I have to start saving them. This is also a cute idea for saving some favorite baby outfits - cut them up and turn them into something else.

And look for American Girl sewing patterns on-line! I would love to create a few me-and-doll outfits for DD this year.

I'm trying to save the frugal romantic gift ideas from V-Day to keep in mind for hubby so I can use them at Christmas. He is always so hard to think of something I can do that is handmade (except for food, of course.)

I have some beading to do. I'm going to make a few earrings for girlfriends and maybe some clip-on earrings for DD. When clip-on earrings at Claires are $7 a pair or more, I get really motivated to make a few pairs!

And a girlfriend of mine fell in love with some decorator pillows for her couch when we were out getting coffee one day. There is no way she nor I can afford to buy those pillows, but I think I could make some really nice ones! Instead of Christmas, I might give them to her for her birthday or for her anniversary, though.

Oh, and a last word about Easter. For our Lenten donation, DD and I are going to put together small Easter baskets for some residents of the nearby nursing home. It isn't Christmas, but it is homemade. Maybe I'll get some cute ideas for Christmas baskets I can put together, too.

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  1. Here are a couple links to free American Girl doll patterns. I was just looking for some for my daughter and thought I'd share what I found so far. Enjoy :)

    Smock Dress

    Cute skirt

    Christmas Outfit

    Various 18-19" doll patterns