Friday, February 13, 2009

More gift ideas ...

~ Decorator hand soaps. One year DD and I made oatmeal soap using up the mini-soaps that hubby has been bringing home from hotels. I grated the soap bars, whirled some oatmeal in the food processor, mixed them together with a little hot water, rolled it out then cut them into shapes with a cookie cutter. After they dried for a few days, we packages them up. Someone else is going to pick up different holiday candy molds and do a holiday/ season theme decorative soap present (give everyone soap for all four seasons).
~ A spa kit basket and possibly something similiar for a younger girl(fizz balls, body scrub, bath oil).
~ Home cooked doggie treats
~ Cat treats in a wine bottle. Seriously, we saw this in a store one year and mailed it to a friend. It would have been far cheaper to have made it at home.
~ Pillowcases (especially a pillowcase with a tooth fairy pocket for younger kids)
~ Spoons dipped in chocolate or candy canes dipped in chocolate
~ Kids can give handprint gifts to grandparents: wide pictue frame mats with hand and/or foot print mats on them, hand and/or footprints on a vase from one of those 'paint it yourself' ceramic places.
~ Embellished clothing: hoodie jackets, jeans, shoes, etc. One year a friend took several pairs of DD's jeans that had grown too short, cropped them into capris and decorated them with ribbon, etc.

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